Logan’s Red- Small production wine from Pennington, NJ

Good evening, lovers of NJ wine! We have an exciting review for you today. We are going to be showcasing a newcomer to the NJ wine scene from Pennington, Logan’s Red.

Logan’s Red is owned and operated by winemaker, Sal Mannino. We had the pleasure of having dinner with Sal in Flemington, NJ while he showcased his library of wine offerings on January 25. Currently to our knowledge, Logan’s Red is not available to the public, but you are welcome to contact Sal directly through Instagram (@LogansRedWine) to learn more about his wines.

Our dinner was at the lovely Dolce Restaurant in Flemington. I enjoyed the Tortellini Carbonara, Ed ordered the Rigatoni Dolce in a blush sauce, and Sal enjoyed an Ahi Tuna entree. All of our entrees were beautifully paired with the following wines from Logan’s Red:

  1. 2016 Orange Malvasia- We LOVE an orange style wine, and this one was fantastic, medium bodied and light/medium acidity, notes of citrus, apples and pears
  2. 2016 Garnacha Rose- Notes of tart fruits like grapefruit and some strawberries and peaches, beautiful strawberry color, dry and medium to high in acidity, would go well with many different seafood dishes
  3. 2017 Vortex Red Blend- Blend of garnacha, nebbiolo, montepulciano, and mourvedre (the four single varietals we tasted last individually), medium to fuller bodied red, notes of berries and vanilla, very well balanced and food friendly red, would pair well with pizzas, pastas, red meats
  4. 2015 Pinot Noir- A medium body on this pinot, earthy notes, vanilla, and some cherries, a nice balanced pinot
  5. 2015 Nebbiolo- Beautiful, balanced, and bold red wine, deep color, Italian varietal that you do not see much of in NJ, so smooth that Ed was shocked there was any alcohol in this one (and believe us, there is!)
  6. 2016 Garnacha- Light body red that has balanced acidity and tannins, red fruit notes of cranberries and strawberries
  7. 2016 Montepulciano- One of the grapes that we enjoyed that we have never heard of before, medium bodied red, balanced in acidity and tannins, notes of cherries
  8. 2015 Mourvedre- Fuller bodied red, high in tannins and medium to high in acidity, another grape that we were unfamiliar with, the fuller body in this one made it a great wine to end the tasting and dinner, notes of blue and blackberries

Sal uses concrete egg vessels to age the majority of his wines which adds an incredibly smooth and rich mouthfeel and body. After doing some research after our meeting, we came to find out that the egg shape of the vessels allows for constant circulation of the wine. This allows for the wine to have a consistent texture and body throughout the entire batch. The material used to construct the egg vessels allows for natural insulation as well. This process for wine making was once considered ineffective and no longer relevant. It is now starting to gain popularity again as winemakers are experimenting with the egg vessels again.

If we had to describe Logan’s Red wines in one word, it would be “wow.” When I tell you that we were shocked, that is an understatement. Sal’s wines are on par with some of the best that we’ve tasted throughout our NJ wine visits. We expected and were hoping that his wine would be good, but we had no expectation that they would be as excellent as they are. Sal has gained a lot of experience throughout different wine regions and it shows in his understanding and execution of his wines. Truly a skilled winemaker that we hope everyone can experience soon.



Our favorite wines for the evening were the Orange Malvasia, Vortex, Pinot Noir, and Nebbiolo. We were fortunate enough to be able to take the Orange Malvasia, Garnacha Rose, Tempranillo (did not taste), and a Sangiovese (did not taste) home with us to enjoy and try on our own.

Thank you to Dolce Restaurant in Flemington for your hospitality and a HUGE thank you to Sal Mannino and Logan’s Red for the invitation and consideration. We appreciate having the opportunity to taste, enjoy, and review the wines in your library. We wish you much success as you continue to grow and develop this brand and look forward to seeing what’s next!

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts around these wines or Logan’s Red. We are sure that Sal would be happy to answer any that we cannot!

Wine is calling, friends. We must go. Cheers!

Nick & Ed

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